Tim Bonhomme

Written By: Stomp

TimI always wanted to be a guitar player …    I used my brother’s guitars to play in High School stage bands, but he told me to be a keyboard player because there are more opportunities. I started taking piano lessons because my Father, who was in real estate, sold a house in which the seller left a “beat up” piano in the basement and the buyer did not want the piano. So my Dad took the piano and moved it into our house. It was a  f******  wreck !, but that was the instrument I learned to play on.KEYBOARDS/ SYNTH :I always wanted to be a guitar player …   so I attached a keyboard to a surfboard to become a “Mega Rock God !” Synth’s are a pain in the *** and I’m glad that it’s Mike Meros’s  job !LIFESTYLE / HOBBIES / SPORT’S  ETC. :I always wanted to be a guitar player …   so I could be the loudest guy on stage, but then I realized that guitar players are dumb so I got into a few other interests :Technical : Internet related programming. Fun Times : Bike riding and going to the beach with Tara and Brett.Sports : “Ballet” – Hockey is the fastest, hard hitting most disciplined team oriented sport in the world. It  is  truly ” Ballet on ice. ” Relaxation : Putting my roller blades on and skating around the world, like exploring New Dehli, India or Tiamamen Square, China.  taken from beach boys.net