The 40th Brian Wilson/Beach Boys Convention Update

Written By: LWDadmin - Jul• 05•21
The 40th Brian Wilson/Beach Boys Convention will now take place via ‘ZOOM’!   Exactly how this will be presented is not sure at this time, however as I sure you do not need me to tell you.   It does open up some superb possibilities with the U.S.A.
The thought behind this is quite simple, ‘Covid-19’ is causing significant problems, as we can all see?    Changes are being made everyday and planning appears almost impossible, for anything?  The basic reason in this case is Jim has run his last two ‘Duane Eddy’ Conventions via ‘ZOOM’ and has been very pleased indeed, as to how it is has all gone.  The most recent event was less than four weeks ago, so in all fairness, it is certainly worth a try, especially with Jim at the controls and Roy G in the ‘co-pilots seat’??
Priority will be given to those who have supported the event in its normal format and it has been suggested, we could have the ‘live’ event in September and have a ‘ZOOM’ event in between?   Due to the possibilities with America??
Hopefully, this is now something a little more positive in these troubled times and ‘Yes’ there will have to be a ‘Paypal’ account set up in due course.    There will certainly be a ticket for this year as it is a very special event and it can be easily downloaded from the internet but we may have to give the badge a miss?    Then again it could be incorporated in the ticket design, “I don’t want to fall foul of ‘Mr Lindsey’ if it can be helped, at all!!
More information in due course and the date remains as previously
given, Saturday 18th September 2021…
With best regards to everyone and “Stay Safe!”
Roy Gudge…

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