Roy Gudge Thursday 20th August 2020

Written By: LWDadmin - Aug• 20•20
Apologies for not communicating earlier and as keen as I was back in mid-May to try and do something constructive this September.   Jim and I had several conversations about how we might be able to present something approaching a ‘Convention’?    With the passage of time the ‘sense’ of anything would appear to be filled with risk, as the boundaries are changing, sometimes by the minute, almost?    It is all an impossible scenario which ever way you view it?   I saw the final daily Number 10 press conference and the view portrayed by ‘Professor Chris Whitty’
this day when looking into the future, was I would offer, of the ‘gravest concern’!
So, all being well the date as many of you will be aware for 2021 is Saturday 18th September, in ‘The Polish Club’ and the ‘Special Guest’s
are Mr. Mike Kowalski & Mr. Ed Carter.   We have been given every assurance they will both be superb value and will more than make up for the loss of 2020.
Roy Gudge Thursday 20th August 2020.
With many thanks to you and to you both “Stay Safe!”
Roy G…

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