36th Convention Latest News!! from Roy

Written By: LWDadmin - Sep• 14•15

The application date for tickets priced at £20-00 has been extended to Saturday 4th October 2015.    The reason for a cut-off date is in place so we do not have to deal with last minute applications.    This has worked very well in all the time we have been using this system.   It also helps to relieve last minute pressure, although to be fair we have been involved with this for quite a long time.     So there are no doubt many who would say we are supposed to know what we are doing!

We are yet to confirm with ‘Mr Tony’ the possible arrangements for ‘Refreshments’ and will place this on the web-site hopefully later this week…

Roy Gudge  Monday 14th September 2015…

Booking form for the 2015 Stomp

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aka your chance to meet Bobby and Joanne

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Latest News From Roy: 36th Convention – Latest Details!

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36th Convention – Latest Details!

PLEASE remember the date has been changed to Saturday 10th October 2015, even though the actual tickets still state the 19th September.

Since the last posting and also the write up for Beach Boys Stomp Magazine 142, which should have been published by now, yes honestly!
However it should certainly see the light of day this month.

As you will all or nearly all be aware the B.W.T. U.K. dates for September have been cancelled or perhaps postponed would sound more positive?
Brian has said 2016 will be his final European tour and as he has passed beyond the ten years he mentioned in 2002, this is not bad going?   When you consider all the quite wonderful positives which have taken place here in England, it has been the most wonderful journey for Brian and his music.   The most, quite spectacular 6 nights in 2004 with the long awaited release of ‘Smile’ and in the central stalls for two nights (?) were not only Sir George Martin but also Sir Paul McCartney.    To top all this was the world premier of the CD at the Convention in London the following September.    We should not in anyway forget the simply out standing contribution to all this, of ALL the musicians who have supported Brian during this time.   In fact for this writer, this is the most impressive aspect of the B.W.T. the kindness, friendship and love which exsists within the party.

Not without problems this year the badges were collected last Thursday, the 30th July so we are now in the process of sending out tickets and badges which have been applied for.

It is still the intention to list not only the raffle items (or at least most of them) on the web-site but also the pieces for Auction as well.    Plus there will be a hand-out programme sheet which will be provided by Geoff Gilborson on the day.    Which will also list all the items, so if anyone has to leave early they can mark any prizes in the raffle they might be interested in.    Thus we avoid the problems of last year.

PLEASE do remember the date has been changed to Saturday 10th October 2015, not as on the actual tickets the 19th September.

The date for 2016 is back to the third Saturday and will be the 17th September 2016…

Other up-dates will be posted as and when necessary…

Roy Gudge Tuesday 4th August 2015…

Night of the Proms Germany

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11/30/15 – LuxembourgLa Coque
12/1/15 – Frankfurt – Festhalle
12/2/15 –  Frankfurt – Festhalle
12/3/15 – Hannover – TUI Arena
12/4/15 – Hamburg-O2 Arena
12/5/15– Hamburg-O2 Arena
12/6/15 – Bremen- OVB
12/8/15 – Berlin – Mercedes Benz Arena
12/9/15 – Erfurt – Messehalle
12//11/15 – Munich- Olympiahalle
12//12/15 – Munich- Olympiahalle
12//13/15 – Munich- Olympiahalle
12/15/15 – Stuttgart – Schleyerhalle
12/16/15 – Mannheim – SAP Arena
12/17/15 – Dortmund – Westfalenhalle
12/18/15 – Cologne – Lazessarena
12/19/15 – Cologne – Lazessarena
12/20/15 – Oberhausen – Arena