New Beach Boys Musical – Robin Jones

Written By: LWDadmin - Nov• 23•15

I thought I had better let you know. There is a Beach Boys musical touring Britain at the moment, and it is at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking on Thursday.

It’s a small world. My daughter Vicky, who you saw in the bar after the Convention, is an actress who is dating a guy who works in musical theatre. He auditioned for a part and was turned down, but when someone dropped out, he was invited to step in for three shows. He had to learn 40 Beach Boys songs in about three weeks. He also has to do a Meet and Greet!

I’ll be attending the show in Woking on Thursday. there is one in Glasgow on Friday. 

Final Convention up-date as follows;-

Written By: LWDadmin - Oct• 08•15

Refreshments;-   There will be light refreshments available as in the

past in the Refectory.   Teas Coffees biscuits, etc

Car Parking;-      Should not be any problem at all

Convention 2016;-   Having given out a date for next year, this will now

change to October and we hope to have the actual

date on Saturday?

Roy Gudge Wednesday 7th October 2015.

36th Convention Latest News!! from Roy

Written By: LWDadmin - Sep• 14•15

The application date for tickets priced at £20-00 has been extended to Saturday 4th October 2015.    The reason for a cut-off date is in place so we do not have to deal with last minute applications.    This has worked very well in all the time we have been using this system.   It also helps to relieve last minute pressure, although to be fair we have been involved with this for quite a long time.     So there are no doubt many who would say we are supposed to know what we are doing!

We are yet to confirm with ‘Mr Tony’ the possible arrangements for ‘Refreshments’ and will place this on the web-site hopefully later this week…

Roy Gudge  Monday 14th September 2015…

Booking form for the 2015 Stomp

Written By: LWDadmin - Sep• 09•15

aka your chance to meet Bobby and Joanne

Stomp_Application_2015 copy