The 40th Convention – Saturday 18th September 2021…

Written By: LWDadmin - Feb• 19•21
As we are sure you all appreciate these are very challenging times and life is changing by the minute, or so it seems?    It is very much the intention to hold the 40th event on the above date in ‘some’ form or other.    It is unlikely there will be a sensible method of bringing people over from America this year.   Air travel will be drastically reduced  and made all the more expensive as a result.   So at the time of writing we are hoping for ‘live music’ and some form of ‘Zoom’ connection with the U.S.    At the worst the entire event will be on ‘Zoom’, as Jim G ran the ‘Duane Eddy Convention’ in this format last year and was very pleased with how it turned out on all considerations.
It is interesting to learn the hall will accommodate 400 people but with all considered at this current time?    Will it ever be able to cater for this amount again!!    I for one would offer we could see quite a dramatic change to our lives as the year progresses and we learn to accept and live within ‘the new normal’!!
Roy Gudge – Friday 19th February 2021…
With many thanks and kind regards, “Stay Safe!”
Roy G…

Tony Rivers Autobiography

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Roy Gudge Thursday 20th August 2020

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Apologies for not communicating earlier and as keen as I was back in mid-May to try and do something constructive this September.   Jim and I had several conversations about how we might be able to present something approaching a ‘Convention’?    With the passage of time the ‘sense’ of anything would appear to be filled with risk, as the boundaries are changing, sometimes by the minute, almost?    It is all an impossible scenario which ever way you view it?   I saw the final daily Number 10 press conference and the view portrayed by ‘Professor Chris Whitty’
this day when looking into the future, was I would offer, of the ‘gravest concern’!
So, all being well the date as many of you will be aware for 2021 is Saturday 18th September, in ‘The Polish Club’ and the ‘Special Guest’s
are Mr. Mike Kowalski & Mr. Ed Carter.   We have been given every assurance they will both be superb value and will more than make up for the loss of 2020.
Roy Gudge Thursday 20th August 2020.
With many thanks to you and to you both “Stay Safe!”
Roy G…

Update for the 40th & 41st Brian Wilson and Beach Boys Stomp Conventions 2020/2021…

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We all have our own thoughts on the current predicament we find ourselves in and here is not the time or place, for comment from the writer. Although the date for the highly significant event had been given out on the 16th November 2019. The hall was actually booked for 2020 the moment I walked in the building, as I was very keen to avoid the issues of 2018. Within a day or two of the 39th Convention there was a name at the top of the list for the coming year, well to be honest not one name but two? Before seven days had passed a start was made on contacting one of the two names and it became a little more challenging than may have been envisaged. It was in fact someone who we had been in contact with before and quite why plans did not transpire as we might have wished, we are not sure. With current hindsight this issue can now be seen as an advantage as had intentions for this September been in place, at this time we feel there are serious problems for some time? Just to fill in some foresight if we can and at this moment we are just over halfway through what is known as ‘lockdown’. We would offer ‘social distancing’ will be with us for some time and the holding of large gatherings not permitted for many months! In conversation twice in the previous seven days with Jim G (Grant, Michael’s Brother) it was suggested we should take the 40th (Ruby) event forward to 2021 and the actual date in the diary is, again the third Saturday of September, the 18th.

As we are sure you will all appreciate this September is a long way off, however, we have decided for the time being to hold this date as a possible event. With the thought by then halls may be open again but actual numbers may be severely limited and as the hall in question is quite large, plus we may be into face masks and protective gloves and obviously ‘social distancing’ will still prevail? Consideration must also be given regarding air travel which we feel will be very restricted indeed? Therefore, our thoughts turned to this country and who ‘YOU’ our Convention attendees, would like to suggest as a possible guest for this September? PROVIDED!! There may be an opportunity for this to take place and although some names have been discussed, we feel you should all be invited to put forward a name or two, who could be approached? There should be an e-mail address at the end of this article, whereby contact regarding this idea may be made.

Now, please appreciate thoughts relating to 2021 are at a very preliminary stage, so nothing is yet on the table, it is still very much up in the air. However, we are permitted to reveal we are in talks with, Mr. Mike Kowalski and this will also include Mr. Ed Carter. In all the time we have been involved with ‘Special Guests’ over the years there has been a positive consistent from many Americans and the above two names. Thus, hopefully at last, well next year, this should finally happen, Hopefully??

If mention may now be made relating to Beach Boys Stomp magazine issue 145 and with us all ‘confined to barracks’ plus as ever we are very much seeking more variety of input to the magazine. In conversation a while back with Robin J, it was put forward when he mentioned his favourite album was 20/20, how very appropriate? It was suggested he listened to it and based an article around it. So if you are thinking of something to do, please consider taking out an album or single if you like and placing your thoughts in retrospect and submitting them to the magazine. Anyone who submits anything will have their article in print, however, if due to the current situation we are flooded with such pieces. They may need to be edited down BUT anyone who submits anything will see their name in print, Promise! The writers own choice would be ‘Shut Down Volume Two’ as for them this album contains the one missing, truly great live track ‘we’ do not think (and Please be careful here) has never been performed live?? If he were seeking a second disc it would be from the same period in ‘All Summer Long’ which was referred to by someone recently as the real ‘true’ Beach Boys album before it became emotional, political and so on? So, there you are album thoughts preferred but if you would rather give your views on an EP or 45, then this is fine.

So, enough from me and if we may be permitted at this time, our thoughts are with ‘everyone in the frontline’
where ever they are and whoever they may be! Please be very aware paragraph three is only in the very earliest of stages and nothing is yet agreed, set or whatever.

The required e-mail address is

“Stay Safe!”

Roy Gudge (with Jim Grant). Sunday 5th April 2020.