Matt Jardine

Written By: Stomp

Matt JardineMatthew Jardine has had a close and personal connection with music throughout his life.
The son of co-founding Beach Boy and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Alan Jardine, music was in Matt’s genes from the start. As a child Matthew would accompany his father on tour and onstage and was, on occasion, included in Beach Boys Recordings.
His first major recording at the young age of 11 was to do the narration for the Boys recording of
“(I saw Santa) Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” from the album “Christmas with the Beach Boys”.
Matt, alongside the other Beach Boys Children also sang the background vocals on this tune.
Being raised within this musical family and watching not only his Dad but Brian, Carl, Dennis and Mike create and perform some of the most well loved music of our time resulted in Matt catching “the musical bug” at a very young age.

In his mid teens , when not in school, Matt spent time out on the road with the Beach Boys as a gopher to earn a little money. This eventually led to an assistant road manager job in the summer of 1988, which kept him busy until he got a call from Carl Wilson asking if he could play percussion onstage while continuing his other duties. Soon after, as long tours progressed & people’s voices got tired, he was asked to sing background vocals on a part-time basis. It was trial-by-fire every step of the way & he performed in front of huge audiences all over the world.

In ’91 Matt auditioned and earned a coveted spot onstage with the legendary band as a lead vocalist, background singer and percussionist.
He toured worldwide with the Beach Boys from 1990 through 1998, performing on three of their studio albums. He has appeared in nine of the Beach boy’s music videos as well as numerous TV appearances.

During the latter part of his time with the Beach Boys, Matt also worked extensively with Mike Love’s California Beach Band.
He also toured with Jan and Dean for numerous shows and events.

In 1998 Matt was asked to perform with Brian Wilson on TNN’s Front Row and Center as well as Farm Aide ’98. Wilson was quoted as saying of Matt in Billboard Magazine, “I hear him from behind the stage. His voice is stronger than mine, and he can actually hit those high notes.”

Matt later went out on the road with Brian’s daughters Carnie and Wendy Wilson and friend Chynna Phillips of the multi platinum trio Wilson Phillips to help them promote their “California” album.
Carnie and Wendy were not only childhood friends but had worked with Matt and his Dad while touring as “Alan Jardine’s Family and Friends”

Matt has had the opportunity to sing with some legendary performers during his career including, Willie Nelson, Timothy B. Schmidt of the Eagles, Robert Lamm of Chicago, Jerry Beckly and Dewey Bunnell of America, Denny Doherty and Michelle Phillips of The Mama’s and the Papa’s to name a few.
“Working with these artists was an honor and every time I was able to work with someone at that caliber it pushed the bar for me as an artist. It has inspired me to be a better artist.” -Matt Jardine

In numerous reviews Matt has been described as “The standout singer” and “A vocal star who’s voice never wavered”

Matt continues touring with various bands including The Surf City All-Stars and Al Jardine’s Endless Summer Band. When not on tour he also does session work, voice over work, TV and Radio and is working on his own personal songwriting and has a debut solo album in the works.

When Matt is not on the road or in the studio he spends his time with his wife Susie and their two beautiful daughters.