John Cowsill

Written By: Stomp

John CowsillJohn Cowsill (b. March 2, 1956 in Newport, Rhode Island) is an American musician, best known for his work as a singer and drummer with his siblings’ band, The Cowsills.

He is currently a drummer and vocalist for the current  The Beach Boys touring band, which features original Beach Boys Mike Love and Bruce Johnston.

He has also played keyboards for the “Beach Boys Band”, and according to the band’s website, he does Al Jardine’s and the late Carl Wilson’s vocal parts.

He also has performed and recorded with Jan and Dean.In the early 1980s, he was a member of the one hit wonder band Tommy Tutone, and he plays the drums and sings back-up vocals on the band’s hit, 867-5309/Jenny although he did not John Cowsill with Lucy Hallappear in the video.

For a time, he was part of Dwight Twilley’s band, as was his sister Susan Cowsill.In 2003, he married Vicki Peterson of  The Bangles. John Cowsill began playing with the Beach Boys touring band on keyboards in 2000.

He moved to the drums in 2008.  John’s solos for the concerts include, “Help Me Rhonda,” “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “I Can Hear Music,” and “Darlin’.”