Jeffrey Foskett

Written By: Stomp

jeff-taylor-nelsonJeffrey Foskett is a guitarist and singer best known for his work with Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys.[1]Foskett originally came from San Jose, California, where in the early-70’s his first band was a surf group named “Cherry”, after the Willow Glen area street on which he lived. He attended Willow Glen High School and is listed as one of the high school’s “notable alumni”. Cherry played mostly surf music covers in the same market as Papa Doo Run Run aka Papa Do Run Da Run, whom Foskett would join forces with decades later. In the late seventies, Foskett formed two renowned bands; The “Reverie Rhythm Rockers” (aka: “Reverie”) and “The Pranks” in Santa Barbara, California, gigging throughout the area with fellow area bands like “D. B. Cooper” (Foskett appears on that band’s 1979 Warner Brothers debut album Buy American, singing background vocals). Although Jeff’s two bands consisted of the same members: mostly Jeffrey Foskett, Randell Kirsch and Bo Fox (with Robby Scharf sitting in), Reverie performed all 1960’s cover music whereas The Pranks played only original music written by Foskett and Kirsch. They held a house residency at The Troubadore Nightclub in Hollywood every Monday night performing with such other 1970’s notable bands as The Mentors, The Cretones, The Police, 20/20, The Beat, The Pop. The Pencils and The Rickys to name a very few. Other notable members of Jeff’s two bands included: Art “Crying” Battson, Fred “Crying” Meckauer, Jim “Savage” Shaffer, Carter Morgan, Dr. Tim, Philip Claypool, Dave (Younque) Humes, Sneak Van Der Snake and The Very Cool Randy J. In search of the elusive record deal The Pranks continued to perform into the early 1980s.In late 1979, Mike Love stopped by the famous Santa Barbara restaurant “1129” where Reverie was the house band. Love came in and listened to Foskett and company and hired Reverie as the original incarnation of The Endless Summer Beach Band. The ESBB toured with Love throughout 1980 into 1981 when Jeff replaced Carl Wilson who briefly left the Beach Boys to pursue a solo career. While Carl Wilson toured to promote his first solo album. Foskett filled the void with his guitar work and falsetto vocals in The Beach Boys. When Carl permanently returned to the Beach Boys in May 1982, he asked Foskett to stay, which Foskett did and toured with the group for a decade until July 4, 1990, after which Jeff left for his own solo career.To date, Foskett has released over a dozen well received solo CDs including Thru My Window, touted as “The best Beach Boys album they never recorded”, The Other Takes, Sunny’s Off, Twelve and Twelve a 12 song collection featuring 12 string guitars and big name guest stars such as Marshall Crenshaw, Gerry Beckley from America (band), and Robert Lamm from Chicago (band) and a compilation CD of his original music Stars in the Sand. Throughout his solo career, Jeff has won several awards including Top Selling Artist of the Year in New Zealand, Best New Foreign Artist in Japan and he is a member of San Jose Rocks and The Silicon Valley Hall of Fame. Jeff, along with Brian Wilson, is one of a very few artists to have performed at both Live Aid (with The Beach Boys) and Live 8 (with Brian WIlson).Aside from the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson, Foskett has toured and recorded (and currently works) with many other luminaries in the music industry such as Paul McCartney, Heart, Roger McGuinn, Roy Orbison, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Ringo Starr, Chicago, The Moody Blues, The Everly Brothers, Christopher Cross and America to name a few. He has also been an occasional member of the surf-rock group Papa Doo Run Run since 1993 and continues to record his original music with New Surf, LTD label mate Jeff Larson, among others.Along with his many solo projects, Jeff is a huge supporter of The Carl Wilson Foundation ( ). Foskett mainly tours and records as Musical Director for Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson. Foskett appears as a guitarist / vocalist / (arranger) on all of Brian Wilson’s solo material including the Grammy-winning 2004 version of Smile. He can be seen (and heard) on HEART’s DVD Dreamboat Annie Live concert singing back ground vocals. He also produces other artists including Harry Shearer of Spinal Tap and Micky Dolenz of The Monkees. Jeff has earned over 40 Gold and Platinum Record awards and a Grammy.  from wikipedia