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Have you any photos of The Beach Boys, past and/or present, that you would like to share with the world?
If so, please do send them in and we will add them here with any of your comments


Brigid Sullivan sent me these great pictures of her Son on stage with the Beach Boys ūüôā and a video too!



Ginny Sent these brilliant photos from

April 7th, 8th and 9th, 2011.  It was an easy ride from Boston.  long, but easy.

The 7th and 8th in Ontario, Niagara Falls, the 9th in Verona, Turningstone, Casino, NY.


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Peter Whitfield has sent us these GREAT photos and stories to go with… enjoy!

Carl Wilson wth Me and my Wife Julia, these were taken at Universal Studios Orlando in June 1992 during a

break in the filming of the promo video for “Hot Fun In The Summertime”. My

wife Julia and yours truly. He shared his lunchtime salad with us – what a

wonderful bloke.


-The next are from the 1988 Stomp Convention when someone decided that it would

be a marvellous idea for Gerard Hubert and me to greet Brian on behalf of

the European fan movement. I ended up so nervous that I almost had a

movement of a different kind. Mind you, if you look at how he’s clenching

his buttocks I reckon he was even more scared than we were.


Me and Bri just hangin’ backstage

after the Glasgow 2002 Pet Sounds show. It was Burns’ Night and most people

in the city were in some sort of fancy dress – I asked Brian if he’d come as

Eskimo Nell and we got a lovely, warm genuine laugh out of him.

Hope you like ’em.


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Beach Boys at Wembley

Memories of Wembley ’75

I was 15 years old and against my mothers wishes I travelled from our home in Brixton South London, on my own, all the way to Wembley Stadium for an all day music extravaganza. It was scorching hot and the following year was to get even hotter. The tube trains were stuffy and airless, but the excitement I felt all the way there never¬†wavered. It was to be a hugely memorable day in my life that I’ve never forgotten.

The days compere, Johnny Walker, introduced us to an array of artists who¬†duly¬†entertained the crowds from mid morning till well into the evening, Chaka Khan, Rufus, Stackridge, The Eagles and Joe Walsh, Elton John and of course the Beach Boys, who in my opinion totally stole the show. Apart from the absence of sand and surf boards you could have been forgiven for thinking you were actually on Miami beach that day. The performance they gave was amazing, flawless and it was evident they were having as good a time as the crowd, they had everyone on their feet and rocking. It was for me, one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever attended, and I’ve been to hundreds since starting at an early age in 1974.


Can anyone help me to fill in a blank in my concert history book? The Beach Boys did a concert in the U.K ¬†on 14th June 1974 but I haven’t got any details about the venue, do you know where it was held?


Many regards and keep rocking, I love the site,



Rich also sent in this great autographed item:

Beach Boys Autographs

has anyone got any pictures from this concert that we can pop on here? if so e-mail them to me cheers

Ken Isherwoods Photos

‘I recently dug out some old photos that I took¬†from the Beach Boys gigs from 1980. They were taken mainly before the gigs at Wembley Arena and Knebworth, from the bands hotel in London.

They were mostly taken on a cheap Kodak camera from the time hence their quality.If you look closely you might spot¬†a few (younger ) familiar faces including myself.’

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The photos were actually taken in June 1980. The Boys did a couple of gigs at Wembley Arena, before returning a couple of weeks later for the Knebworth gig. Notice Brian’s loss of a beard between those weeks!

The story was I arrived early in the afternoon before the first gig, as the band were doing their soundcheck. Mike & Al came out to a few of us fans waiting at the security gate at the back of the Arena and signed autographs.
The others did not come out, but I did manage to collar then manager Jerry Shilling who told me which hotel the band were staying at.

I think I past the word onto a few other fans and we met the morning at the Hotel reception after the second concert.
We did not have to wait long before Al and Mike came down and affably talked to fans.
Dennis appeared probably a bit worse for wear of drink, but I remember him being delighted when someone produced a copy of “Pacific Ocean Blue” to sign, he mentioned something about him and Christine Mcvie were going to buy a cottage in Wales, before actually dancing around the foyer arm and arm with Mike !

I remember being stunned when Brian first appeared through the lift, not just because he was “Brian”, but just how big he was close up. He seemed very remote, but amicably signed autographs, although signed everything “Brian” but not the Wilson.
I was only a shy 20 year old at the time, and was completely tongue tied stood next to the great man.
I do remember the friendly wave he gave me as he jumped into his taxi though.

Bruce and Carl came later(as did Lynda Jardine who signed my programme), both were in a rush to catch their flights but still signed autographs before disappearing.

I never got to the Knebworth gig due to a friend’s wedding the same day, but someone sent me a couple of the attached photos with Brian without his beard a few weeks later.
Look closely and I think that’s John Porteous trying to engage Brian in conversation through his limousine window.
In the other photo with Brian people may recognise former Stomp cover artist Nick Guy .

Great memories !

The Latest shots have been very kindly sent by Ginny Tomasini Lane
The Beach Boys at Foxwoods MGM Grand Theater, Connecticut

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