Convention 37 Saturday 8th October 2016  Update;-

Written By: LWDadmin - May• 09•16

There has been an issue raised regarding the Convention recently on the ‘Beach Boys Britain’ web-site.   Everything is in fact under control, well nearly everything as there has been a problem with the badges.   This was caused by the company who own the rights to the 2013 ‘Grammy Award’ photos and from a certain viewpoint was perhaps unnecessary.   However as always in this following, needless to say we have a plan B but it will delay the sending out of the tickets and badges.   The tickets have been ready for some while and we would hope to have the badges ready for later this month     As this has been the proceedure for many years we are reluctant to change this as it has worked very well.

Roy Gudge… Sunday 8th May 2016.

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