Brian Wilson/Beach Boys Stomp ’40th Zoom’ Convention’. Saturday 18th September 2021.

Written By: LWDadmin - Aug• 06•21
We will shortly be announcing more details relating to the above event which will mainly feature an e-mail address and the Paypal facility.    The e-mail address is likely to be <> and there will be a small range of charges to access the event. ‘Priority’ will be given to anyone who has attended an event in the last five years!    As many of you are aware Zoom runs in blocks of 100, I believe and we feel at this time we should watch the interest carefully.    As we don’t really want to have a second site, with say 15 or so participants?    The price structure is likely to be £2-50, £5-00 & £7-50, with the last figure giving access 100% to the event.    They will be able to offer questions, etc to whoever joins us for the event and we can confirm this will include our ‘originally intended’ actual guests, Mr. Mike Kowalski and Mr. Ed Carter.
The time span was originally set at six hours but this did create concern from Jim, who said ‘”People won’t want to sit in front of a computer screen, for some six hours!”    Which I can accept to be honest, so at this time we are thinking of 2 to 3 hours and are very happy to be guided by anyone’s thoughts??
As you can all imagine this could be ‘spectacular’ which is why there are thoughts at this time on holding the main ‘in person event’ in September and possibly a ‘Zoom’ event around March time each year?
All of the above is ‘pencilled in’ on a basic rough working sheet for anyone’s comments or observations and as we were fully aware last year.   This is again a big step and is very much a learning curve for the future, with some wonderful opportunities, all being well…
The very best to you all and “Stay Safe!”
Roy Gudge with Jim Grant…
Friday 6th August 2021

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