Beach Boys Stomp, Magazine since 1977, National/Inter-National Conventions since 1979.

Written By: LWDadmin - Jul• 20•19

Magazine subscriptions are available within the United Kingdom for £17-50 for six issues.

EEC & Europe £25-00,  United States, Japan & Australia £27-50.

All International Money Orders, Postal Orders and Cheques should be made payable to ‘Beach Boys Stomp’ and sent to

Beach Boys Stomp,
33, Frensham Road,
Lower Bourne,
GU10 3PY.

(The former address of;- 23, The Woolmead no longer exsists!)

Issue 144 is at the printers at this very time and should be in the post by the end of the month/early August.

The ‘Beach Boys Stomp’ web-site was created to give details relating to Conventions, although we missed last year, this was due to circumstances beyond our control.   There are details elsewhere relating to this years event and although full details are yet to be finalised, these will be published when more information is available.






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