33rd Stomp Greetings

Written By: LWDadmin

We had such a great day at the 33rd Convention, we got lots of messages from friends and family here are just some of them:

Stephen Kalinich’s Greeting to the 33rd Stomp

David Sandler’s Greeting to the 33rd Stomp


Please tell everyone that I’ll be thinking of them and wishing I was there. Everytime I think about our time at The Stomp in ’08 I get a great big smile on my face….we had a wonderful time!!
Because of all your continued love for and support of the Beach Boys the beat goes on.

With great love and appreciation…..Barbara Wilson

I will never forget how grateful I was when Beach Boys Stomp brought me out to London for the 2007 convention.  Roy Gudge, Mike Grant, Brian and Jacqui all helped out with places to stay, and the best part about the convention for me personally was… if we can imagine this, in this day and age… meeting many of the people who had shared letters back and forth with me through the post office.  Many of the people I got to meet in person at STOMP had purchased Look! Listen! Vibrate! SMILE! through the mail, directly from me, but often the dialog would go on long after the book purchase, letter after letter, maybe a bit before tons of information on Smile was really around and it was fun to be discovering it all.  A shoutout here goes to Peter Whitfield, who was the first friend of STOMP I’d corresponded with back in 1982.  I’d been fascinated by what I was hearing from Peter about Beach Boys Stomp conventions back in the early ’80s, when the first Smile out-takes were heard as a surprise at the end.  We’ve all come a long way since then, and now most of Smile is out on the 2011 box set, although I’m still waiting for a Smile compilation culled from Brian’s mono masters, sans the recent re-mix and errors in actual sequence.  There is still a 1966 concept Smile to look forward to, if you ask me, but for now, CDs two through five on the box set have really made a lot of our mutual days, I’m sure.  I’m just thrilled that we all got to share this Smile research process together somehow, and that I was able to meet everyone in person at the STOMP convention who’d shared those hopes of hearing the tapes from Brian Wilson’s lost masterpiece.  Thank you and I hope to see you all again soon.


Domenic Priore

Greetings, James and Lucy,

On the eve of this year’s STOMP convention–and the long and eagerly awaited

performances by ‘the boys’ at RAH and Wembley Arena–I wanted to pass along

my warmest regards to you and your fellow attendees for a most successful convention.

It was my honor to speak at STOMP on the occasion of it’s 25th Anniversary in

2003. My wife, Debbie, daughter, Taylor, and I had a fabulous time during our ‘all-too-brief

visit to London. We were back last March, 2011, and had an opportunity to meet

with Linda and Mark Ranger, John Moon, and other friends, on the final night of our visit.

As always, time flies by when we’re there and we are already looking forward to coming over

again either this coming summer (2013) or 2014.

My days with The Beach Boys have been well documented..in print, interviews, DVD’s and other

media. I have been blessed to have known ‘the boys’ for 49 or their 50  years. I have calculated that other

than Francie, Mike’s first wife, I am now the senior ‘non’ Beach Boy. I’ve been fortunate to outlive so many

other friends and family connected with the group over the years.

I had high hopes of coming over for RAH and Wembley but I am not certain, as of today, whether or not it

will materialize. I especially want to thank John Moon, Linda, Mark, Paul and Ashley for offering me their

hospitality. It means a lot to me.

My years with BW, DW, CW, Mike and AJ are among the best years of my life.

I was fortunate to be there for many Beach Boys milestones, be it recording sessions, tours, television programs,

and while Brian was writing some of their greatest hits. I was there when BW ‘mastered’ “Pet Sounds,” and, as such,

was most likely the first person in the world to hear his masterpiece ‘front to back.’

I was at the “Good Vibrations” sessions at Columbia Recording on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, and, of course, emceeing and convinced BW and Murray to record  the “live” concert album that became their first #1 album and first Gold album. And, I was honored to orchestrate–and attend–their White

House performance for President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan in June 1989.

So many great memories and so much great music. My singular regret is that my dear ‘brothers-in-spirit,’ Denny and Carl, are not here

to share in their band mates triumphant return to the world stage.

May you–and all of our dear friends across the pond–have a great convention and a wonderful visit with ‘the boys’ at RAH and Wembley.


Hello James, Roy and All You Wonderful Friends at the Stomp:

I wish we were there with all of you, but maybe next year or so, we will make that happen! It has been a memorable and fantastic  year for our family, with the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary.

I hope you all can experience one of their shows at this time. It is amazing…the Honeys are well and fine as are Wilson Phillips. I hope you will also get to see California Saga one day. They are very special.

Music is such an important part of our family and we hope you all continue to enjoy our music and friendship.

Love To You All,


Hi to all you ‘Stompers’, I have such great memories of our visit there, with you….

Surf’s definitely UP, for you all this year!!!  For those fortunate one’s going to the 50th Anniversary Beach Boys shows, you have never heard them sound this FULL,,,, EVER.  I’ve seen many shows over the years, the first one 1/65, with Glen Campbell, replacing Brian, it was an incredibly full sounding show as well,,, but that was the screaming!!!  Not me,,,, but almost everyone else, my ears were buzzing for days!!!!  The 50th Anniversary Tour features the LONGEST Beach Boys concert you’ve heard, as well…  There were a couple of tributes, absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and emotional!!!  I’m not giving away anything I’m sure, but when, you see Dennis’s sheer joy, and Carl singing ‘God Only Knows’, and flashes that acknowledging ‘smile’, all I can say is “keep it together the best you can”!!!!

I’m REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, sorry, you won’t get to see ‘CALIFORNIA SAGA’ the act that opened for The Beach Boys in Irvine, and Lake Tahoe(Stateline), and did a couple of numbers in the intermission at The Hollywood Bowl, truly ‘genetics’ at work…  You ABSOLUTELY would have LOVED it, I know it………  There was talk of them opening in London,,, I understand it was close……

Have a GREAT ‘STOMP’ DAY, and at least one beer,, one for me too!!!  Love to all.


fabulous…My dear friends at the Beach Boys Stomp Convention,

First of all I’d like express my deepest gratitude for the great response you had on the work I did with Dennis Wilson on Bambu.

As some of you know, the original intent of Bambu back in 1978, was to produce a whole DW album primarily with my compositions. But as the events unraveled with Dennis’s untimely loss and my fading away from the project, the hands that took over after we were gone did their best to save the album and get it released in spite of the limited information they had about our intent, the songs recorded and the other songs which were in progress.

When I finally saw and heard the album in 2008, which admittedly took me by surprise, I realized that the only way to do full justice to the original plan Dennis and I originally had was to produce an altogether new album, including the four songs in Bambu: Under the moonlight, All Alone, Constant Companion and It’s not too late. The new album would include these four songs along with another 6 or 7 songs that were most likely to be included in the project had we had the chance to complete it as planned. At first, I was a little apprehensive as to how to approach the songs vocally having had both Dennis and Carl on the original project and now gone. But the thought that was must reassuring and revealing to me, as if Dennis was speaking directly to my soul, was that if when he first heard my songs, then and there deciding that that ‘s what he wanted for his second solo album…. well what he heard was my voice, which was the lead on the demos — he really liked that demo…. and he liked my singing — he wanted to know every nuance I did vocally because he felt that it was the right way to do the songs…. God Bless his soul, for he believed in me more than I believed in myself at the time!

As the project evolved, I felt more and more that it had the right vibe to meet the challenge. During the recording of my lead vocals, I thought a lot about Dennis and Carl as if they were there. Of course they weren’t there physically – but their essence was certainly palpable — who knows, maybe it just came from my own memories and special times spent with them – but it was there — in my soul..

So, this is my offering to you, in the memory of Dennis and Carl — “In My Soul”.

Please also know how grateful and proud I am for you positive response after having some of my new songs played in the air lately. The completion of my album “In my soul” is now close to 2 to 4 fortnights away — so you will be hearing from me very soon — hopefully I’ll be able to come and visit you in the near future.

God Bless.

Hello to the UK Beach Boy people. I can’t wait to finally bring this Beach Boys 50th celebration tour to England. We saved the best for last. My fondest tour memories are from your fair country. Especially the “Smile” and “Lucky Old Sun” debuts at Royal Festival Hall, and the show where I met my beautiful wife, Jenny.
Scott Bennett
It is a great honor to be part of the reunion of the living members of the Beach Boys, especially when so many could have been chosen who have served far longer in the trenches– Hinsche, Carter, Kowalski just to name a few. On behalf of the band, i would like to say that we could not do what we do without YOU, the loyal fans. Each and every one of you are the lifeblood of the whole operation, the reason the band goes on. With grateful thanks– Probyn

I would love to welcome everyone to Stomp

and thank Stomp for helping keep alive

the spirit of the Beach boys music

which is such a helping healing presence

in today’s troubled world

among the fragments of a world

that greatly need inspiration

the music comes

from the heart of grace

and through Brian and the others

into this madness

and brings joy into chaos

a joy that transcends individual stories

complexities and anxieties .

I am grateful for stomp

keeping alive this moving experience

and fun

I love UK

and thank you all

for opening up the grandeur of England to me

leaving traces within

that will last a lifetime

I am grateful for freedom

and the opportunity to bring

this music into the world .

Stephen John Kalinich