The 40th Annual Beach Boys Stomp Convention.

Written By: LWDadmin - Apr• 05•24

Date;- Saturday 12th October 2024

Venue;- The White Eagle Club, Raans Road, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP6 6LX.
(Formally known as The Polish Club) and where the 2019 event was held).

Time;- 12 noon to 6 pm. There has now been an extension to allow a third session of live music and the event will conclude at 7 30 pm

Tickets;- £30-00 per person, on the day £35-00 per person. Available from BBS, 33, Frensham Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 3PY

Please include a 9″ x 4″ S.S.A.E. In the past the badges have created issues and should this be the case now, they will be held back and given out on the day itself.

Cheques payable to Beach Boys Stomp.
Should you wish to submit payment by other means bank details will be placed here shortly.

Highlights;- Special Guest from America, (yet to be confirmed) and live music from ‘Surf’s Up’ with the most creditable Sean Macreavy (who could be argued as the most significant tribute band of all?)
What may be observed as a high ticket price is due to their situation they are scattered throughout the country and therefore necessitate overnight accommodation i.e. one member from Scotland and another from Cornwall. Those of you who have not heard them will be very impressed, honest!

Further details as and when… Roy Gudge 5th April 2024

Bank details;-  HSBC UK, 30, Princes Shopping Centre, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6YB
Sortcode 40-21-05   Account Number 11102680  Branch Identifier Code HBUKGB4112U

This branch does not offer ‘over the counter service’ but is staffed.

International Bank Account Number GB88HBUK40210511102680

Badges;-  As previously there will be a badge for the day but these will be limited to the first 150 ticket applicants.  Should there be an issue with posting these will be held and given out on the day of the event.

Public Transport details:-  Amersham is directly served from  London Marylebone and there is a bus service to the end of Raans Road.   (we will attempt to locate and advise the actual number required?)

Tables;-  Are available for hire and measure 6ft x 2ft approximately and are £10-00 each.   Anyone wishing to sell or trade anything ‘must’ have a table!

Update issued;- Thursday 11th April 2024 Roy G

The 40th ‘Beach Boys Stomp’ Convention

Written By: LWDadmin - Dec• 22•23
The 40th ‘Beach Boys Stomp’ Convention is scheduled to take place on
Saturday 12th October 2024  from 12 noon to 6 pm.
There will be ‘live music’ and a ‘Special Guest’ from California!
The venue is;-  Amersham Polish Club,  Raans Road,  Amersham,
                         Buckinghamshire,  HP6 6LX.
More information will be released in early January and should include an e-mail address to contact the organizers…

Brian Wilson/Beach Boys Stomp ’40th Zoom’ Convention’. Saturday 18th September 2021.

Written By: LWDadmin - Aug• 06•21
We will shortly be announcing more details relating to the above event which will mainly feature an e-mail address and the Paypal facility.    The e-mail address is likely to be <> and there will be a small range of charges to access the event. ‘Priority’ will be given to anyone who has attended an event in the last five years!    As many of you are aware Zoom runs in blocks of 100, I believe and we feel at this time we should watch the interest carefully.    As we don’t really want to have a second site, with say 15 or so participants?    The price structure is likely to be £2-50, £5-00 & £7-50, with the last figure giving access 100% to the event.    They will be able to offer questions, etc to whoever joins us for the event and we can confirm this will include our ‘originally intended’ actual guests, Mr. Mike Kowalski and Mr. Ed Carter.
The time span was originally set at six hours but this did create concern from Jim, who said ‘”People won’t want to sit in front of a computer screen, for some six hours!”    Which I can accept to be honest, so at this time we are thinking of 2 to 3 hours and are very happy to be guided by anyone’s thoughts??
As you can all imagine this could be ‘spectacular’ which is why there are thoughts at this time on holding the main ‘in person event’ in September and possibly a ‘Zoom’ event around March time each year?
All of the above is ‘pencilled in’ on a basic rough working sheet for anyone’s comments or observations and as we were fully aware last year.   This is again a big step and is very much a learning curve for the future, with some wonderful opportunities, all being well…
The very best to you all and “Stay Safe!”
Roy Gudge with Jim Grant…
Friday 6th August 2021

The 40th Brian Wilson/Beach Boys Convention Update

Written By: LWDadmin - Jul• 05•21
The 40th Brian Wilson/Beach Boys Convention will now take place via ‘ZOOM’!   Exactly how this will be presented is not sure at this time, however as I sure you do not need me to tell you.   It does open up some superb possibilities with the U.S.A.
The thought behind this is quite simple, ‘Covid-19’ is causing significant problems, as we can all see?    Changes are being made everyday and planning appears almost impossible, for anything?  The basic reason in this case is Jim has run his last two ‘Duane Eddy’ Conventions via ‘ZOOM’ and has been very pleased indeed, as to how it is has all gone.  The most recent event was less than four weeks ago, so in all fairness, it is certainly worth a try, especially with Jim at the controls and Roy G in the ‘co-pilots seat’??
Priority will be given to those who have supported the event in its normal format and it has been suggested, we could have the ‘live’ event in September and have a ‘ZOOM’ event in between?   Due to the possibilities with America??
Hopefully, this is now something a little more positive in these troubled times and ‘Yes’ there will have to be a ‘Paypal’ account set up in due course.    There will certainly be a ticket for this year as it is a very special event and it can be easily downloaded from the internet but we may have to give the badge a miss?    Then again it could be incorporated in the ticket design, “I don’t want to fall foul of ‘Mr Lindsey’ if it can be helped, at all!!
More information in due course and the date remains as previously
given, Saturday 18th September 2021…
With best regards to everyone and “Stay Safe!”
Roy Gudge…